Our group members recently have published a wound dressing study...

Our group members, Adile Yürük Durukan and Nazende Nur Akşit have recently attented to 14th Nanoscience and Technology Symposium-NanoTR held on 22-24 September, 2018 in Turkey. Adile presented ''Highly Porous Sulfoproply Methachrylate-Based Cryogels as Biomaterials '', Nazende presented ''PCL-b-mPEG Block Copolymer Nanocarriers For Anticancer Agent Release“. We congratulate them for nice oral presentations.

Our group member Nazende Nur Akşit, who is currently a YOK100/2000 program student, attended to 43 rd FEBS Congress held in Prague /Czech Republic on 7-12 July 2018 and presented 'Poly(OEGMA)-b-Poly(4VP) Block Copolymer Nanocarriers for Anticancer Agent Release' as a poster.

Our group member Nazende Nur Akşit, who is currently a YOK100/2000 program student, has got Federation of European Biochemical Society (FEBS) YTF scholarship award for Advanced FEBS course on ''50 Years of Molecular Life Sciences with FEBS Letter'' in Heidelberg, Germany on 24-25 May 2018. FEBS YTF grant covers attendance, travel and accommodation and it is given to limited number of students. We congratulate her.

Our group members, Adile Yürük Durukan, Nazende Nur Akşit and Seda Gürdap, passed preliminary elimination of ‘Bu Gençlikte İş Var ‘contest with their antibacterial skin patch project. This event was organized by TUSIAD with the attendance of more than 4200 young people from 74 universities and 161 universities.

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